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Utilize Evolution, functional medicine Florida specialists, to newly evolve your path to optimal health. Evolution Weight Loss and Hormones has been helping people reach their peak health based on their unique circumstances for years in the Tampa Bay area.

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Join countless others who have been guided by Evolution’s unique tailor made wellness plans that provided the path to optimal health, to a balanced being and to full fitness.

What Makes Us Different?

Functional medicine is growing because it gets results. Our treatment is a four pronged approach.

  • First of all we have a one on one consultation to discuss and identify your issues and your needs.
  • Then we request extensive bloodwork to fully understand what deficiencies (or too much of) you have in your body.
  • We then have a follow up consultation to discuss a plan of action and supplements you will take to get back to proper being.
  • Finally we move onto a manage and maintain process to help you stay fit and healthy.

Our approach is tailor made to your own specific needs and designed to put your body back in balance, back to how it was designed to be.

Initial Consultation

We connect. You tell us what your issues are via your initial intake form. We listen. We take the first steps together towards the new optimized you.

Identify Deficiences

We order extensive labs and bloodwork to identify deficiencies and issues. These are necessary to really dig down and discover exactly what your body needs so we can bring it back to balance.


We recommend supplements and lifestyle changes to correct your problems. This is where the real work starts as you evolve into the new optimized you!

Manage & Maintain

The majority of our patients see a transformation immediately though typically it takes 3 to 4 months for proper balance to be attained. From here we assist in manage and maintaining.

Julie Kulish

“Erin and staff are all amazing. Kind, informative, helpful and I always feel like a patient and not just a number. I was mess going in and am finding my way back to who I was. They always return messages or emails, listen to you and care about you. Highly recommend!”

Sheree Gill

Ms Erin runs a tight but relaxed operation. She is kind, efficient and meticulous professional person. I truly recommend Evolution Weight Loss because they never let me down in any of my endeavors concerning my weight. Erin is the BEST! Oh I want to add that her staff is courteous and go above and beyond the call of duty. The facility is also spotless.

MG Fernandez

This place is amazing! The staff changed my life. Ive been struggling with health issues for 2 years until i found this clinic. i lost weight and feel and look amazing after all the treatment. The staff is sweet, professional, and encouraging. Ms. Lisa at the front desk is always welcoming and makes you feel like family, i cannot thank everyone enough for all the positive changes. I would highly recommend this place to anyone that is trying to positively change their life.

Alisha T u

Erin has been a life saver! I had been to several doctors attempting to get answers but no one could figure out what was wrong. My own primary doctor told me she “didn’t know what to do with me anymore.” After a few weeks with Erin I have felt so much better!! My pain is gone, hormones are more stable and my anxiety is decreasing. Thank you Erin and evolution I would give more stars if I could!

Tatiana Lopez

Erin is the most knowledgeable person I know about functional medicine. She really takes the time to explain everything and makes sure before you leave that you understand everything about your body.

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