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Join countless others who have been guided by Evolution’s unique tailor made wellness plans that provided the path to optimal health, to a balanced being and to full fitness.

What Makes Us Different?

Functional medicine is growing because it gets results. Our treatment is a four pronged approach.

  • First of all we have a one on one consultation to discuss and identify your issues and your needs.
  • Then we request extensive bloodwork to fully understand what deficiencies (or too much of) you have in your body.
  • We then have a follow up consultation to discuss a plan of action and supplements you will take to get back to proper being.
  • Finally we move onto a manage and maintain process to help you stay fit and healthy.

Our approach is tailor made to your own specific needs and designed to put your body back in balance, back to how it was designed to be.

How it Works

Initial Consultation

We connect. You tell us what your issues are via your initial intake form. We listen. We take the first steps together towards the new optimized you.

Identify Deficiences

We order extensive labs and blood work to identify deficiencies and issues. These are necessary to really dig down and discover exactly what your body needs so we can bring it back to balance.


We recommend supplements and lifestyle changes to correct your problems. This is where the real work starts as you evolve into the new optimized you!

Manage & Maintain

The majority of our patients see a transformation immediately though typically it takes 3 to 4 months for proper balance to be attained. From here we assist in manage and maintaining.

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Case Study

Case Study 1

Hereditary Hemochromotosis Sufferer As of writing, I'm a 49 year old white male who lives in New Jersey. I was born in England and according to my ancestry DNA, I am 96% east England and 4% Scandinavian. This is significant due to the condition that I am, and have...

Case Study 1 July

July 2021 Initial Concerns and the Evolution Fitness App So I've been overweight for some time. Incredibly unfit and eating all the wrong foods. July 2021 I was 210lbs which is the heaviest I've ever been. When I sleep at night I have been getting reflux and waking up...

Case Study 1 August

August 2021 Some Weird things Going on Inside of Me So the past couple of weeks I've stopped working out. Not because it was too hard but I've been having issues around my abdomen. About a month ago I felt something out of sorts in my abdomen. It felt like an organ...

Case Study 1 September

September 2021 Post 4: Lab Results Reveal a Shocking Truth Been a while since my last post. Been in limbo waiting for my lab results to come back. But finally they did. I knew they wouldn't be great but I was really surprised how bad they were. I had my appointment...

Case Study 1 October

October 2021 First Phlebotomy a Failure A fair bit has happened since my last post. Went in for my first phlebotomy last Wednesday, day after seeing the hematologist. Didn't go well. They wanted to give me an IV as it was the first time I'd ever done this. They stuck...

Case Study 1 November

November 2021 The Challenge of Being Consistent So things are progressing. I flew down to Florida last week and met up with Erin. I was there in July and she noticed a difference in me which is very encouraging. Not sure if I'm feeling the difference as yet but it's...