Case Study 1 August - Evolution Weight Loss & Hormones

Case Study 1 August

Written by Rich Hull

August 13, 2021

August 2021

Some Weird things Going on Inside of Me

So the past couple of weeks I’ve stopped working out. Not because it was too hard but I’ve been having issues around my abdomen.

About a month ago I felt something out of sorts in my abdomen. It felt like an organ was infringed somehow. When working out it felt ok but when I upped my workout I pulled something.

Made an appt with my primary as I may have a hernia.

So things are on hold in the workout phase of things.

I have had an appointment with Erin at Evolution and have a bunch of supplements en route along with a plan for improving my diet. It’ll be the Candida diet so will see how that goes. I certainly know there’s issues with my gut so hopefully this will help.

In terms of weight loss I’m holding steady anywhere between 206 and 208 so am happy with that despite everything.

It’s going to take time but I’m prepared for it.


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