Case Study 1 July - Evolution Weight Loss & Hormones

Case Study 1 July

Written by Rich Hull

July 13, 2021

July 2021

Initial Concerns and the Evolution Fitness App

So I’ve been overweight for some time. Incredibly unfit and eating all the wrong foods.

July 2021 I was 210lbs which is the heaviest I’ve ever been. When I sleep at night I have been getting reflux and waking up choking on it. Last time I went over 208lbs it happened too. So I know what this issue is but this particular time it felt like I couldn’t breath for ages.

That scared me and I know I have to lose weight and eat better.

My eating habits have been poor for years. I love fried food, chocolate, chips and stuff like that.

My path to better living and eating has begun.

Since the beginning of July I haven’t eaten chips or chocolate. I have switched up white bread for protein bread. I eat more fruit and for a snack I’ll eat a couple of strawberries.

Nothing scientific as yet but a simple cut out of crap.

In two weeks I have lost about 2 Lbs which isn’t too shabby.

The next step will be to do some workouts.

I do walk most days with my dogs for about a mile but it’s a slow pace.

So Evolution’s fitness app is going to be my new workout partner. From July 26 I plan to undertake a daily exercise routine.

Will post after my first workout

First Update

First week done and I can’t say I feel better physically. I feel happier in that I know I am doing the right thing and my weight is also decreasing.

But my back aches and I feel exhausted. My daily walk pace has decreased from 17 minutes a mile to 20 minutes a mile.

But it’s not supposed to be easy and I will continue and move onto the second weeks workouts. I know this is the right thing to do and I will feel better but it’s just hard getting going and forcing myself to maintain the discipline of doing this each morning.


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