Case Study 1 October - Evolution Weight Loss & Hormones

Case Study 1 October

Written by Rich Hull

October 13, 2021

October 2021

First Phlebotomy a Failure

A fair bit has happened since my last post. Went in for my first phlebotomy last Wednesday, day after seeing the hematologist.

Didn’t go well. They wanted to give me an IV as it was the first time I’d ever done this. They stuck me, drew some blood for further tests (checking the hereditary gene and my blood type). They got some blood and then the IV blew out. The nurse tried her best to re stick me, but my vein kept moving.

This went on for about 15 minutes and I’m trying to hold it together, but then I felt very nauseous and starting seeing the stars, but luckily I didn’t pass out.

So they stopped and wouldn’t go any further. I would have to come back the next week and eat well and really hydrate.

I’ve never been the biggest drinker, maybe a bottle or two of water a day and several cups of coffee, so it was a struggle to increase my intake.

By the end of the weekend, I managed to drink 6 bottles of water so I was the most hydrated I’ve been in my life!

Hydrated and ready to try again.

Second Phlebotomy a Success

So I was finally able to get my first phlebotomy. My veins are small and hard to see, but Tuesday afternoon, after continuing to drink plenty and eat lots of protein, I ventured back to the hematologists.

The nurse who tried to do it the previous time was on the reception desk and the look on her face when she saw me again was priceless. I felt bad for her as she tried her hardest. But a new nurse was assigned to me and she was fantastic. She got me a fan (as the area was hot and I prefer to keep cool, especially doing this) and even some oxygen to help with any nausea.

She stuck me for the IV again, drew out more blood for labs and then hooked me up to salene for 20 minutes.

Then she came back and set about finding a vein for the phlebotomy. She found one and stuck me. The flow was instant and didn’t bother me at all. She sat with me for the duration (took about 12 minutes to get the pint) and I told her my life story to take my mind off things. It really helped and the whole thing was a breeze.

Following day, feeling a little breathless, but that’s a side effect. Got some electrolytes in me (Gatroade and milk) and feel better.

So I’m well on with the treatment, the supplements, glutathione daily injections and now the phlebotomy. I don’t feel better as yet, but I do feel like stuff is happening inside me. This is a lifetime of stuff to get reversed so it’s not going to happen overnight.

It’s a marathon and I know in three months time I will be feeling better than I do now.

Oh my weight has dropped to 206lbs so that’s also a plus.


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